Period pants have transformed my heavy periods: my honest review of four different brands.


Today, we’re going to have a chat about period pants, my experiences with heavy periods and period pants, and how they’ve made my periods better. This is a topic that I talked about on Twitter and so many of you were really interested in my recommendations. And so I thought I would share with you my journey using period pants, and which ones I’ve tried.

When I first embarked on period pants (over a year ago now) I was really skeptical about them. I’ve had really heavy periods since having my son, that I just felt there was no way that period pants could work for me. I would just wear them on days when I was almost the end of my period or spotting- on those days when you don’t really need a whole sanitary towel.

However, I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that these could replace a pad because my period seemed really heavy. However, over the last few months, I brought a few more pairs and thought I would have a go for this period of just using period pants. And… it was the best period I’ve had!

What are the benefits of period pants?

Obviously, we’re all aware of the ecofriendly aspect of period pants. According to City to Sea (an environmental organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution) period products cost us around £4,800 over our menstruating lifetime but massively impact the environment too: menstrual products are the  5th most common item found on European beaches – making them more widespread than single-use coffee cups, cutlery, or straws!

Although it’s an investment, once you’ve bought them there’s no mad dash to the shops or worrying about running out. I became really aware of how many nappies I was adding to the landfill when I had my son and the more I thought about it, I realised how many towels I got through too.

Since having my son, I also found the sanitary towels that I used really uncomfortable and quite irritating on my skin.If you follow my other blog you’ll know I’ve had surgery because of Crohn’s Disease and it would irritate the scar from my surgery as well. I also found that my periods were getting heavier and more painful after having my son and that sanitary towels weren’t always working well, they were kind of soaking through on the worst days. I ended up having a scan a month or so ago which, thankfully, showed everything was normal.

So why did period pants make such a difference? First of all, they are incredibly comfortable and I felt so much more confident in wearing them. Second of all, it could just be coincidental, but my period was much more manageable. When you get to the end of the day you have to rinse the period pants in cold water and I was convinced that this period was just been really light because I felt so much better and had hardly any cramping.

But actually, when I rinsed them, so much blood comes out, which shows that actually my period were quite heavy as usual but the pants were just absorbing them absolutely fine. So I just wanted to mention that because I know a lot of people especially after having a baby might think, ‘oh these period pants aren’t for me because my periods are much heavier’ and they are really really much more absorbent than you think.

I am just so gutted because when I had Jude, I absolutely hated the maternity pads that you have to wear with postpartum bleeding which I’ve written a whole other blog post on, and I can’t believe I didn’t invest in some of these before because they would have been so much better than using those giant maternity pads which make you feel as if you’re wearing a nappy!

So, if you are pregnant, and you’re about to have a baby, buy some of these pants. They are also really useful for incontinence and pelvic floor issues, which I really had towards the end of my pregnancy as well.

Which period pants are the best? My honest reviews

So I’ve tried a few different types of period pants and wanted to share my honest recommendations as well as link to other blogger reviews I’ve read. I’ll keep adding to this as I try more period pants. AD: Gifted-the Cheeky Wipes pants were originally gifted but I have since purchased my own too.

1. Best period pants for heavy bleeding/ my all-round favourite: Cheeky Wipes High Waisted Period Pants with Extra Absorbency

So my number one pick is cheeky wipes; specifically, their high-waisted pair which comes in the four-layer absorbancy or ‘feeling fearless’ with extra absorbancy (I use the later).

Cheeky wipes do amazing reusable wipes for babies and I had no idea that they actually did period pants too! A few months ago they offered to send me some, and these are hands down the best period pants I’ve ever tried so I went on to buy more pairs. I tell everyone about them and the reviews on the site themself are all really positive too.

As I mentioned, you can get a highly absorbent pair and that’s really ideal for heavier periods and postpartum bleeding like I said. My son is 15 months old, but I still really struggle with my C section scar and so, these are an ideal cut because they’d go above the C section scar.

They’re also actually quite pretty with a lace design. The gusset area (I guess that’s the word we’re using here!) is obviously quite padded since they’re maximum absorbency but it doesn’t feel ridiculous and I soon got used to it.

Personally, even though I’ve had heavy periods I’ve never felt like these are like at maximum capacity but I do usually wear two pairs a day just because when I have my bath of the evening I like to change them (but I don’t feel like I need to change them because they’re saturated if that makes sense)

These are a lot cheaper than some other period pant brands too; retailing at £13.50 for the 4 layer style and £15 for the high absorbency. My tip would be these fit quite tight around the leg: a lot of the reviews say to size up (which I didn’t see until I’d ordered) but they are still really comfortable. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to fairly tight fitted to make sure they do their job.

2. Best practical period pants: WUKA wear

WUKA were my first pair of period pants and I still think they’re a good purchase. First of all, the inner part isn’t as padded and obvious as the cheeky wipes ones so they really do feel like a really good comfy pair of pants with a classic design. The fit is a little bit less snug than the cheeky wipes and these run truer to size so no need to size up.

They are a bit more expensive than the cheeky wipes (£24.99 for the heavy flow pants) and sit lower, in a bikini style design.

I don’t think they’re quite as absorbant as Cheeky Wipes but still wear them on heavy-ish days. They also have an autism-friendly guide to periods and first-period packs for teens.

3. The cheapest period pants I’ve found: Floweret

So the third pair, I tried was a company called floweret -who also make menstrual cups. These just came on my Facebook when scrolling and they are the cheap period pants that you buy in multipacks.

There was a deal where it cost me £7 for a pair but they also do lots of Facebook advertising with promos. They also do like multi-pack so there’s a deal where you could get four for £35: a really good price.

When these arrived, they just looked like a regular pair of pants and were quite thin with no evidence of extra padding at all. I wouldn’t have thought they were period pant at first glance, to be honest!

I’ve been wearing these towards the end of my periods and they’re absolutely fine but personally they’re not great for heavy days (where they advise you’d need up to three pairs).

These are a good choice if you don’t like the padded area of other period pants because these really are just like a normal pair of black pants and much thinner than Cheeky Wipes. They’re also great value if your periods are quite light. However, I think if they’re the first pair you buy you might think that period pants aren’t that absorbent but they are, just not this brand!

4. For period swimwear: Modibodi

When I posted about this topic on Instagram, so many people said Modibodi was the best brand. What is good about Modibodi is they have loads of different styles and colors so you’re not just wearing black pants all the time.

They do a period bikini brief (which incidentally, is actually black!) Now I’m taking my son swimming a lot at the moment, I brought the bikini briefs (reduced from £32-which I don’t think I’d have paid-to £16) They look really great and just like a bikini brief but ones you can swim on your period with too!

So I just wanted to give those a mention in case you’re looking for like swimming solutions. They also do a swimsuit and I think it’s a really good idea.

Other useful period pants posts

I hope these were useful. I’ve also linked to some other bloggers reviews of period pants/reusable period products below too.

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  1. I bought some Floweret pants and they’re a bit of an odd fit tbh, they make a baggy shape at the back which is visible through clothes. I also think they removed a balanced review of mine, which sent up red flags fo rme. A bit of Googling later and it seems they had to rebrand from “Tulip Cup” due to poor customer service/removing critical reviews/having a permanent sale on. Much prefer Cheeky Wipes!

  2. I’ve been wondering about period pants as I would need something heavy duty for the first few days. I’ve never tried them but am feeling a bit more like I should now having finally read up on them. I’m glad you’ve included a few here and compared as it really helps.

  3. As someone who is currently having their first in like two years (contraception stopped them for sometime) I have been looking for an alternative to towels and tampons as they just aren’t eco friendly enough! Will definitely consider getting a pair of one of these brands!

  4. Great to find out about all these different brand on period pants, especially modibodi swimwear! I wish I’d known about those last month when I was freaking out about swimming in the sea on my period! I love WUKA pants and think they’re super comfy. They’re my go-to pants and I have a heavy flow too!

  5. I would have bought these if they were available when I was still having my periods. They all look comfy. During my time, the only options were pads and tampons. I am glad that there are more products that help women during their periods.

  6. I have never used period pants before and reading your post has made me wonder about it. I will definitely check this out as I like doing little things to help the environment and be more eco-friendly

  7. I use a moon cup which measures my blood loss and I suffer very badly 2-3 days a month so I have always wondered whether period pants would cope. I would like to give them a try, even on lighter days

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